Our Company

We're carving pathways to success in neurodiversity.

Our goal is to make neurospicy-focused services, resources and digital technology accessible while building support to ensure a world that is more inclusive for your needs, want to find out how? Keep scrolling.

Launched in 2023

Based in London, UK and after years of behind the scenes work, we launched in 2023 with a small lived-experience team.

A neurodiverse team

Our team does not pretend to understand neurodiversity, we just get you because we live it every day too - just like you.

Accessible technology

We are producing assistive technology and services to enable success and help you navigate a world made for neurotypical people.

Assistive Tech For Neurodiversity

Helping you surpass peoples expecations and your own.

Our assistive planning and mood tracking / communication app was created alone by our founder through personal first and third-hand lived-experience and a research-backed, evidence based approach with the aim of enabling those Autism, ADHD, ADD and other neurodiverse challenges that can cause people to easily forget things.

Our Mission

Combine our unique experiences and research for a neuro-inclusive future.

A small team determined to build a suite of assistive technology and easy-to-access services for anyone struggling with neurodiverse challenges.

Furthering Education

A world that is aware of neurodiversity

When we started developing the app in 2019, we saw that there was a lack of resources, education and awareness around neurodiverse struggles. It at this point we made it a core part of our mission to build an ecosystem of assistive technology solutions, support and education for everyone.

Our Future

Ideas that extend beyond planning

Our user-led feedback cycle has shown us that neurodiversity is vast and neurodiverse needs extend beyond visual structure and routine. Your feedback allows us to see a future where a support ecosystem exists in the palm of you hand no matter your unique needs are.

From Our Founder

“Everyone living with neurodiverse struggles deserves easy-to-access essential assistive technology, services and resources that are easy to use and honest.”

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