Common questions

    Where can I use the Thruday app?

    The Thruday app is available for free on the web, on Android as well as Apple devices.

    Does Thruday cost money?

    Thruday is free to download and use. This is because it based on a freemium modal. This means that the app is free to download and use forever. We have included a generous amount of features which is technically all you need to succeed however, we do have subscriptions in the app that enable ‘nice to have features’ that supports our future vision for widely accessible neurodiverse technology and services.

    Is Thruday only for ADHD or Autism?

    Absolutely not! At the core, neurodiversity extends beyond just ADHD or Autism. Our app is designed to help people who are forgetful, have a tendency to a miss important dates, need to frequently communicate mood changes or generally need assistance with planning their day to day activities.

    Thruday works great for those who are living with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Epilepsy, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Medication side effects, traumatic brain injuries and more.

    What is assistive technology?

    Assistive digital health technology is designed to support those living with neurodiverse struggles with digital software or tools aimed. Specifically, Thruday is designed to help manage the complexities of neurodiverse struggles with structure, routine, mood tracking and assistant features. Our assistants feature allows you to invite anyone you want to help you manage you routine and day to day planning activities.

    How does mood communication work?

    If you have invited assistants to help you with your day-to-day visual planning then whenever you update your mood in the app, not only will we show you how you mood progresses through the day but we will also instantly update your assistants or carers in real-time about your change in mood or emotions.

    I get the error ‘billing unvailable’

    This error is commonly seen on Android devices and is usually related to your operating system version and the play store. To resolve this issue simply go to your devices settings and update your phone. Once complete, billing will once again be working.

    Is Thruday an ADHD app?

    Thruday works great for those trying to get a handle on ADHD / ADD and other executive-dysfunction challenges however, Thruday isn’t just for those with ADHD. Our app is made specifically for people who benefit from regular reminder and visual scheduling with a strong emphasis on colour and visual feedback. Ultimately, Thruday works great for anyone who is forgetful or needs to communicate how they’re feeling to carers or loved one.